EastabogaManor Billboard.jpg
EastabogaManor Billboard.jpg

In 1915, the Higgins family made their way from Wichita Kansas to a small spot on a map called Eastaboga AL to start a new life. They opened a dairy farm which became very lucrative. They made so much money they were able to build this huge Manor in the center of their property. In 1935, the railroad came through the town and the tracks were built just feet from the house. In 1945, the Higgins family was found massacred. Rumor had it that a Hobo named BoxCar Joe had been working for Mr Higgins and had a crush on the Misses. BoxCar went missing about the time the family was found murdered. The rumor was that BoxCar Joe killed the family in a violent rage because he was jealous and couldn’t have Mrs Higgins for his own.
Years past, and the house and the property was purchased by a Circus family. Just days after they moved in they were all found bludgeoned to death.  Rumor has is that BoxCar Joe did his work again, massacred the family and set them up as a display in the house. BoxCar Joe has never been caught and may still ride the rail cars. 
To this day, when the train rides by the house. If you look close then you just might get a glimpse of old BoxCar Joe waving as he rides by.








Address:  91 Mudd St., Eastaboga, AL 36260

From Birmingham: Take I20 East, Take Exit 173, Turn Left, 2 miles on left.

From Atlanta: Take I20 West, Take Exit 173, Turn Right, 2 miles on left.